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2014/02/14 – Athens, GA Georgia Theatre


Exorcist Intro[1] > Poetic Freak[2], Hopsecutioner, Jessica > Aralkum[2] > Move Your Muscles > Sunrise[2], Colorado > Gods & Monsters, Loosey Stone > Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da[3], Isis[2], Zymbra[2][4]


If Time Allows > Tweezer[5] > If Time Allows


[1] Debut

[2] Debut, original

[3] Debut, The Beatles

[4] Freebird tease

[5] Debut, Phish


Notes: direct support for The Werks (canceled), Reverend DeBrul opener, first GATH Headline


2014/03/01 – Columbus, GA – The Loft


One Big Holiday[1], Zymbra[2], Hopsecutioner, Colorado > Jessica, Marcus Mayhem, Poetic Freak, Wanaka


Gods & Monsters, Paranoid Android[3], Aralkum > Breaking Point, Loosey Stone > Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Sunrise, If Time Allows, Kashmir, Isis, Funky Bitch, Boggs Hall Bandit, Rock The Casbah[4], Brave New World


[1] Debut, My Morning Jacket

[2] Freebird tease

[3] Debut, Radiohead

[4] Debut, The Clash 


2014/03/05 – Athens, GA – Green Room


One Big Holiday, Killing For Coal, Breaking Point, Wanaka[1] > Herp Derp[1][2] > Deal[1][3], Zymbra[1], Rock the Casbah[1], Sunday Painters[1] > Brave New World[1]




[1] With Alex Eversbusch on percussion

[2] Inspector Gadget tease

[3] Debut, Grateful Dead


Notes: Matt Rodder on keys entire show


2014/03/07 – Charleston, SC- The Pour House


Marcus Mayhem, Hopsecutioner, Miss Tinkle’s Overture, Colorado > Poetic Freak, Wanaka, Killing For Coal, Rock the Casbah, If Time Allows


Paranoid Android, Zymbra > Move Your Muscles > Breaking Point, Boggs Hall Bandit, Aralkum > Brave New World


2014/03/19 – Athens, GA – Green Room


Bodysnatchers[1] > There There, Time[2] > Weird Fishes, Estimated Prophet[3] > Money > Estimated Prophet > Paranoid Android, Another Brick in the Wall[4] > Drums[5]


Miss Tinkle’s Overture > Aralkum[6] > Miss Tinkle’s Overture > Marcus Mayhem[4][7] > Move Your Muscles[4] > Marcus Mayhem[4], Hangover [4][8]


[1] Fitter Happier intro (Radiohead)

[2] Time intro (Pink Floyd)

[3] Money intro (Pink Floyd)

[4] Bob Constable on percussion (The Freshtones)

[5] Full band switch followed by The Freshtones second set

[6] Triple Wide tease (Umphrey’s McGee)

[7] Inspector Gadget tease

[8] DJ on guitar (The Freshtones)


Notes: Matt Rodder on keys entire show


2014/03/26 – Athens, GA – Green Room


Dayman[1] > Canopener > Miles High Davis[2][3][4][5] > Wildcard[2][3], Zombie Pets[2][6] >  Boggs Hall Bandit[2][3], Sunrise[2][7][8][9], If Time Allows[2], Killing In The Name[2][10][11], Hopsecutioner[2], Poetic Freak[2], Anatta[2][12] > Kelly’s Jam[2][13] > Anatta[2]


Burning Down The House[8][14][15][16]


[1] Debut, Its Always Sunny

[2] Alex Eversbusch on percussion

[3] Andrew Valera on keys

[4] Sand tease (Phish)

[5] Late Time Played – 08/09/13

[6] Debut, original

[7] Dylan Seely on vox

[8] Rob “Truth” on vox

[9] Happy Birthday sung to Michelle and Lexi

[10] Patrick Warren on bass

[11] Debut, Rage Against The Machine  

[12] Last Time Played – 09/20/13

[13] Last Time Played – 02/02/13

[14] Debut, Talking Heads

[15] Alex Eversbusch on drum set

[16] Jones on percussion


Notes: Squisch opened


2014/04/11 – Statesboro, GA – Dingus McGee’s


Wildcard, Poetic Freak, Zymbra, Jessica, Marcus Mayhem > Move Your Muscles > Marcus Mayhem, Brave New World


Miss Tinkle’s Overture, Wanaka > Herp Derp > Bodysnatchers, Zombie Pets, If Time Allows, Hopsecutioner, Aralkum > Kashmir


2014/04/12 – Macon, GA – Bear Stock Music Festival – Mercer University


If Time Allows, Poetic Freak, Wanaka, Paranoid Android, Isis


Notes: Set at 5pm


2014/04/24 – Athens, GA – Legion Field – Rezaroo Music & Arts Festival


If Time Allows, Golden Lotus[2], Boggs Hall Bandit


[2] Debut, original


Notes: Bands in order American Mannequins, Freezerburn, The Unread Script, Programs


2014/04/29 – Athens, GA – Georgia Theatre   


Zymbra, Marcus Mayhem[1], Zombie Pets[1][2], Stash[3], Hopsecutioner[4], Golden Lotus, Isis[1]


[1] With The Dabblers Horn Trio   

[2] Rhapsody in Blue intro

[3] Debut, Phish

[4] Andrew Gialanella on guitar  


Notes: Support for Jerry Garcia Band Cover Band, Jake Oliver on percussion entire set


2014/08/16 – Athens, GA – Terrapin Brewery


Game Of Thrones Intro[1][2][3] > Poetic Freak[2][3], Hopsecutioner[2[3], Wanaka[2][3], Soul Currency[4], Conduit[2][3] > Marcus Mayhem[2][3][5] > Move Your Muscles[2][3], Kashmir[2][3]


[1] Debut

[2] w/ The Dabblers Horn Trio  

[3] w/ Douglas Rees on guitar

[4] Debut, original

[5] unfinished


Notes: Venice Overdrive opened, played w/o Pace


2014/10/09 – Milledgeville, GA – Buffingtons


Wanaka, Just Peachy[1], Wildcard, Hopsecutioner, Character Zero > Zymbra, Colorado, Boggs Hall Bandit, Marcus Mayhem


Cities, Aralkum > If Time Allows, Gangsters Paradise > Golden Lotus[2], Loosey Stone > Miss Tinkle’s Overture, Soul Currency, Tighten Clint Eastwood Up, Brave New World  


[1] Debut, original

[2] The Chase (Steve Terry) tease


2014/10/10 – Savannah, GA – Barrelhouse South 


Killing For Coal, Zymbra, Colorado > Gods & Monsters[1], Tighten Clint Eastwood Up, Soul Currency, Breaking Point, Loosey Stone > Zombie Pets, Isis


Marcus Mayhem, Aralkum[2][3] > Poetic Freak, Hopsecutioner, Golden Lotus[4], Miss Tinkle’s Overture, Wanaka, If Time Allows


Brave New World


[1] Triple Wide (Umphrey’s McGee) tease

[2] Cantina band (John Williams) tease

[3] Without Me (Eminem) tease

[4] The Chase (Steve Terry) tease


2014/10/11 – Macon, GA – Hummingbird Stage & Tap Room


Just Peachy, Wanaka, Poetic Freak, Zombie Pets, Breaking Point, Marcus Mayhem[1] > Move Your Muscles[2] > Character Zero > Marcus Mayhem, Golden Lotus[3], Brave New World


Isis, Tighten Clint Eastwood Up, Hopsecutioner, Gods and Monsters, Soul Currency, Zymbra, If Time Allows, Aralkum > Kashmir


Miss Tinkle’s Overture


[1] So Fresh, So Clean (Outkast) tease

[2] unfinished

[3] The Chase (Steve Terry) tease


2014/10/18 – Athens, GA – Green Room


Freshtones Jam[1] > Colorado, Marcus Mayhem[2] > Move Your Muscles[2] > Marcus Mayhem[2], Isis[2], Aralkum[2] > Kashmir[2]


Just Peachy, Golden Lotus, Soul Currency, Anatta, Atoms & Void[3]


[1] Full band switch one at a time

[2] w/ The Dabblers Horn Trio

[3] Debut, original


Notes: Switch sets with The Freshtones


2014/10/21 – Athens, GA – Green Room


Wildcard, Killing For Coal, Wanaka, Hopsecutioner[1][2], Brave New World, Atoms & Void[3], Gods & Monsters[4][5] > If Time Allows


[1] w/ Emma Fields (Cold River City) on vocals

[2] Pace broke a string

[3] Pace’s amp cut out

[4] w/Caleb Miles on guitar

[5] unfinished


Notes: Surprise opening set for Cold River City


2014/10/24 – Atlanta, GA – The Basement


If Time Allows, Hopescutioner, Just Peachy, Soul Currency, Brave New World, Bodysnatchers, Aralkum[1]


Marcus Mayhem[2][3], Isis, Stash, Atom & Void, Golden Lotus[4], Jessica[5][6]


[1] Full band switch followed by FTs set

[2] Full band switch following FTs set

[3] w/DJ on guitar, switched with Pace mid song

[4] The Chase (Steve Terry) tease

[5] w/Greg on keys and Bob on percussion

[6] Full band switch followed by FTs set


Notes: Switch sets with The Freshtones


2014/11/01 – Birmingham, AL – The Nick


Golden Lotus, Zombie Pets, Zymbra, Breaking Point, Colorado > Marcus Mayhem


Atoms & Void, Hopsecutioner, Soul Currency, Calypso[1], Isis


[1] Debut, original 


2014/12/04 – Athens, GA – Georgia Theatre


Golden Lotus, Soul Currency, Leftovers Life[1], Calypso, Binky[2][3], Aralkum[3] > Just Peachy[3] > Atoms & Void[3]


[1] Debut, original

[2] Debut, Snarky Puppy

[3] w/The Dabblers Horn Trio + Matt Vu on keys


Notes: support for Dank Sinatra + Funk You 

2014 TOTAL: 19
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